Monday, January 19, 2009

Poor baby!

So I take part of yesterday's post back...THIS MORNING was by far the worst! She woke up at 1:30...pretty good considering I went to bed at 9:00, pumped at midnight, then went back to sleep. Also, it was the first time in her crib. Chris did a great job of swaddling her and putting her down.

So she wakes up at 1:30 and I feed her...and she's still wide biggie. But then she becomes fussy. Long story short she stayed awake and fussy until about 9:30 am..that's right...8 HOURS! She has never been awake that long! I fed her 4 times, changed numerous diapers, gave her some Mylicon ad Gripe Water, swaddled her, put her in the swing and bouncer, walked around with her. Only temporary fixes.

It wasn't even like I was was the fact that it was completely unexpected behavior. If I had woken up expecting her to be like that until 9:30 it probably wouldn't have been so bad. I'm praying it's the 3 week growth spurt. She's been an angel today. She slept from 9:30-11:30 and woke up to eat. She napped from about 12:00-2:30 and that was so, so nice. Now she's napping again in her swing. I love watching her sleep, she really does look like an angel!


Molly said...

Wow- what a morning! I hope she gets on a somewhat normal schedule soon, so you can get some rest.

Scullyhoyy said...

Before you know it she'll be sleeping through the night:) Those 8 hours must have been ruff.