Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh Noes!

Poor Audrey Cakes! I laid her down for a nap on our bed (as usual.) She kept picking up her head and turning it from side to side (she was on her belly) so I knew she wasn't quite ready for sleep. I picked her up and couldn't believe what I saw!

Audrey: "Aw, it's bad isn't it?"

A terrible rash. It must be from our down comforter, but this is a new development b/c she's been napping on it everyday for weeks! Anyways, a couple hours later it got much better, just some blotchiness on her forehead:

I can tell what she's thinking..."Uh, I'm better, ok Ma?"

The nurse said to go ahead and bring her in but it looks so much better I'm not sure if I will. I guess it depends on what she looks like in the morning. Her skin is kind of dry so I might pick up some baby Aveeno. Do they make Proactive for babies? :)


caroline said...

Oh no! I hope she gets better soon. The baby Aveeno should help soothe it. Poor girl : (

Jenn said...

Poor little thing! I hope she feels better and you find out what caused it.