Thursday, February 19, 2009

She's a morning person

Christopher's favorite time with Audrey is in the morning because as soon as she's unswaddled and changed she's all smiles (and I love the extra hour of sleep!) He had to be at work early today so I did the honors and it was cuteness galore!

I think she's trying to wink like her momma:

Hi Momma!

Throwing up gang signs...

We did have a pouty moment:

And just for fun, this is Audrey and Dad when he got home last night:


Shannon said...

She is adorable!!! Love her little expressions

Leanne said...


Now that I am back to work, I LOVE the morning time with my Lucas!

Lauren said...

Love the one of Audrey and her daddy!

Marianne said...

i love her 'little black dress' onesie! so cute!

Ringmaster said...

Mornings are the best! She's so cute and seems like she's all smiles most of the time -- there's nothing like a happy baby :)