Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Father's Day

Chris is an amazing father. From day one he's been fantastic...changing diapers, getting up at all hours, giving me a break when I need it, working his ass off in this tough economy, cooking dinner, washing endless dishes & bottles...there's nothing he can't or won't do. I've always known how lucky I was to have him as my husband. I hope she grows to appreciate having him as a dad. He's so good for her...I hope that one day she finds someone just like him to marry. And I hope that if we have a son he's exactly like his dad!

Posing for her Father's Day picture

So happy to be with Dad! Look at that grin!!

Night 2 of Ferber went exactly like the first night. We were supposed to wait 5, 10, then 12 minutes, but I felt like we should try 3, 5, and 10 again. I guess I thought that night 1 was a fluke. Sure enough she cried through the 3 and 5 minute wait times. After 5 minutes was up and we were about to check on her she fell fast asleep...and slept until about 4:30. I got her up for the day but she got tired again about an hour later and took a long nap. This evening was rough again...she kept rubbing her ear and was super fussy. Also, she's had a runny/gunky eye all day. Tonight we'll definitely do the 5, 10, 12 minute wait times. It's going to be so hard if she makes it to 10 minutes. Hopefully I'll have good news to post tomorrow!

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