Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Gerber baby is a Ferber baby

Last night was our first night putting Audrey back in her crib and trying Ferber. My 2 main goals are to help her get herself back to sleep when she wakes at night (no paci, no feeding) and to of course sleep in her crib all night. I'm keeping a sleep training journal, but the here's the gist of it:

She went into her crib around 8:45 and cried through the 3 minute wait time. We went in and checked on her, then left. She proceeded to cry through the 5 minute wait time. Just as we were going in to check on her, she stopped and was fast asleep. She slept until about 4:20. According to Ferber, we had to get her up for the day at that time. I was completely fine with that! She went down for a nap in her crib at around 5:40. It only took about 30 seconds of whimpering before she fell fast asleep until 9:00. The rest of the day we didn't bother with Ferber's methods because we were in and out of the car and we spent the rest of the day at Grandma and Grandpa's house in the pool.

She was quite fussy this evening so of course I was dreading putting her in her crib. Total repeat of last night...cried through the 3 and 5 minute wait times. Stopped at exactly the end of 5 minutes. I'm hoping that she'll stay asleep again, but not counting on it. I'll update tomorrow about how it goes...

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Grasso10 said...

I have been following you from the nest/bump (grasso07). Great job with the Ferber method! We tried that as helped us get Dom into the crib but still working on him falling to sleep on his own!

Way to go! :)