Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's New with Audrey?

So much! She has become such a good's hard to believe that she only took her first step 2 months ago. I'm researching walking shoes to get her for spring/summer. Any suggestions?

She is talking all the time, mostly trying to mimic our words. For example, if we say, "Thank you!" she'll babble something that sounds like 2 separate words...adorable!! I'm pretty sure in addition to mama and dada she can say cat and dog (Grandma can confirm!) She also loves to point, and that combined with talking overwhelms me because I know she's trying to "tell" me something *tear*. Communication gets better every week it seems. Oh, and she's really good at shaking her head "no" when she doesn't want solid food.

Which brings me to my next update. She is a food nazi! She only likes chicken, pancakes, toast, & grilled cheese. She'll eat yogurt and any other kind of baby food you give her, but when it comes to real food, she won't even TRY it. She had spaghetti once, seemed to love it, but hasn't touched it since. We've tried pasta, fruits, veggies, everything we can think of. I'm a little worried that she's so picky but not quite sure what to do about it, except to just keep offering different food over and over. But until then Gerber will continue to get a good chunk of money from the Burns household!

She is getting 2 more teeth (possibly 3) for a total of 12 chompers :) Dad brushes them every night, she loves it! She is still an amazing sleeper and I do not take that for granted. She just rolls over when we put her down and within minutes she's out. On the weekend she is kind enough to let us sleep in. I'm pretty sure she wakes at 7:30-ish because I hear slight babbling...but she will just sit and play in her crib until we decide to go in and get her. I've awoken as late as 9:00, gone into her room wondering if she's till asleep, and she's just sitting there, smiling at me, all of her stuffed animals pulled down into her crib, lol.

Speaking of animals, she really, really loves her doggies. She giggles and tries to hide from them, pets them, feeds them Cheerios...

As usual, she is an absolute joy. I don't know it's possible to love something so much!


Jeremy and Mindy said...

I definitely never thought I could Macy as much as I do it's just amazing! Aren't babies the best?

caroline said...

She is too cute. As for shoes, Jacob loved his Chucks when he was learning to walk. They are so light that it was easier for him to pick his feet up so he didn't trip over his own feet! Reading about Audrey makes me excited to experience all those firsts all over again!

Amy said...

such a big girl! i think it's more common for girls to be really picky eaters when they're young. not much you can do about that, though! i just hope P doesn't seem too picky, although i'm the pickiest eater there is! :)

Jenifer said...

Our little guy is starting to walk. He will push his toy around the house, hold your hand with one hand and push something in the other. He cruises the furniture and such. We got him something similar to the above today from Stride Rite outlet we have here. They said these were stable and gripped his ankles well. They were called "cruisers" I believe.

And Ian was picky with eating a few months ago. he is just now open to everything an anything we hand him. Which is awesome. It just takes time. Keep putting things on her tray and she will eventually eat them or atleast put it in her mouth and then spit it out:) Ian is good at that one.

Ringmaster said...

I too love stride rites, and also Robeez are great for walking, especially Robeez tredz; usually the strite rite outlets carry them. Pedipeds are good too but kinda pricey so try and find them on sale :)
As for eating, you got it right, just keep trying new things and it's totally fine to just stick with what she likes! She'll go through phases where she loves something and a few weeks later won't even touch it ... so much fun!