Thursday, June 24, 2010

18 months!

Audrey is 1 1/2 today! She is a true toddler in every sense of the word. This morning she had her wellness check; she's 31 3/4 in tall, weighs 22 lbs, and is "simply beautiful." As soon as we walked into the doctor's office, she was waving and smiling at everyone, running all over the place, talking up a storm. She got one shot, but didn't cry for very long. She was all smiles again and wanted to walk out of the office herself.

Here's what Audrey is like at 18 months...

Daily Schedule
Wakes up around 7-7:30. Dad changes her and brings her to our bed where we play for a little. Eats breakfast, watches some Disney, playtime, eats a small snack and has juice. Eats lunch around 11:30, drinks some milk, story time. Naps from 12:00-2:00 (sometimes longer!) Small snack and juice, more playtime (usually outside.) Eats dinner around 6:00. If she needs a bath she gets one around 6:30. Her evening routine is my favorite, probably because she's so used to it by now. She gets her PJs on and we go to the bathroom where she brushes her teeth and takes her vitamin (she gets SO excited for her vitamin!) We sit in the rocker with her cup of milk and I read Goodnight Moon to her. She loves to turn the page and when I get to the part that says, "And a quiet old lady who was whispering hush," she says, "Shhhhh!" It's so funny. When we get to the last page I always say, "The End!" and close the book. She's started to mimic me and it sounds like she's trying to say, "The End!" but it usually sounds like, "Ta da!!" which is what she ALWAYS says when something fun or exciting happens.

Food and Drink:

Breakfast- oatmeal with fruit, Yo Baby yogurt (fruit/cereal/yogurt), toast, pancakes, Cheerios

Lunch- PB&J, grilled cheese, Yo Baby fruit & veggie yogurt, any Stage 2 fruit or veggie

Dinner- chicken, any Stage 2 dinner, (has tried and liked other foods but not on a consistent basis)

Fruits- bananas, grapes, strawberries

Veggies- none

Snacks- no shortage of variety here; puffs, crunchies, goldfish, cereal bars, Mums, Ritz, yogurt melts, popsicles

Drink- whole milk (about 15 oz per day), 100% fruit & veggie juice mixed with water


*uses appropriate terms (stop, no, don't, up, down, uh-oh, oh no, yeah, ball, all done, ta da!)

*follows instructions (brings an object to you, sits down, gives hugs and kisses)

*mimics words (milk, snack, "cheese" for the camera, "please" which sounds like "cheese", other familiar one-syllable words)

*mimics animals sounds (cat, dog, monkey, cow, Zoe)

*mimics actions (puts finger to lips and says "shhhh", scolds the dogs, brushes her teeth, uses the phone)

*babbles most of the time with great expression.

*completes wooden puzzles, stacks blocks, plays peek-a-boo, rolls a ball back and forth, scribbles, sits and reads books on her own

*points to your nose, eyes, mouth. Points to her head/hair, chest, feet. Gives high-fives

*walks and runs everywhere, loves to be chased, walks backwards, climbs, dances to music

*helps take her clothes off

That's all I can think of for now. She's come a long way in her 18 months. It seems like everyday she learns something new. I'm so thankful to be home now with her everyday.

Thrilled to be at the doctor's office!

This is what a toddler temper tantrum looks like. What does it sound like? High-pitched screams (baby) mixed with snickering (mom.)

Cure for the temper tantrum: distraction! Audrey is helping make her lunch. Bout time the kid pitched in.

"Oh yeah, gonna get me somma dat!"

Ok, definitely Audrey's jar.

Guess it was good!


Sometimes she just smiles the biggest, cheesiest smile. No reason!

Audrey was supposed to have her 18 month photo shoot this week but the photographer had to reschedule. Good thing b/c on Tuesday morning, Audrey fell and hit her head, causing a big bruise on her forehead. We've rescheduled for Monday, hopefully it will be gone by then (and no more injuries occur before then!!) I tell ya (and most of you already know) having a toddler is rough! They're a ball of raw energy and pretty fearless. I'm just hoping to get through the summer without any serious injury...wishful thinking?

Happy 18 months Audrey! You are the light of our lives and you bring such joy to everyone who knows you. We love you more and more with each passing day.


CLML said...

Oh she is so adorable and getting cuter by the day! I can't believe she's already 18 months - time is just flying right by us.

Great job, momma! You have raised such a lovely little girl!

The Trout Family said...

She is such a cutie! I love her grin in the hallway shot. Her portraits came out lovely, can't wait to see the rest! I love her yellow/black tutu outfit!