Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer has officially begun!

I have a really good reason for not blogging lately...the end of the school year gets so crazy hectic that by the time Audrey goes to bed I'm too lazy to do anything! Our last day of school was Friday. It was an emotional day. I cried as each bus was called, as each one of my kids walked out my door. I probably would have been a hot mess for hours afterwards, but luckily I had one of my former students there to help me pack up my room. My last day was yesterday. Cumulative files done. Lesson plans, anecdotal records & grade books turned in. Evaluation complete. Classroom packed. Before I left I just stood in my room remembering what it sounded like with 20 of the greatest kids I've had the pleasure of spending so much time with. I'm trying to stay positive and think great thoughts about next year's group. Truth is, I envy the 3rd grade teachers!!

With that said, today was my first official day of summer break. It's hard to be too sad when you get to spend your days with Audrey!

At Bonefish, celebrating Aunt Kelly's birthday (of course she's looking away!!)

Happy Father's Day!

Her hair has grown so much. A year ago she was bald, now she's sporting the cutest blonde curls!!!

I handed her goldfish crackers as she played. She put them in the water, let them float around a little, then "catch" them and eat them. Ha!

Every night Chris and I go in together after she's been asleep for awhile. It's so funny to see how she's fallen asleep. Usually she's on her tummy, butt high in the air, arms tucked underneath. When she's really tired, she passes out on her back, sprawled out, mouth wide open. Tonight she managed to pull down all of her stuffed animals and get comfortable. Adorable!

Tomorrow Audrey will be 18 months old. She has her wellness check in the morning. I absolutely love the freedom that summer brings. I can schedule things as I wish and Audrey is my only alarm clock. Cheers to summertime!


The Steens said...

She is so adorable!!!

Jenn said...

have a fun summer! i know you will enjoy spending time with audrey!!