Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Impromptu Vacation

For those who know me IRL, I am a PLANNER. I love to plan. So when my little brother Scott called me on Tuesday night, asking us to go to Maine on THURSDAY, I was in frenzy mode. Of course I wanted to go! But such short notice!! As soon as we got off the phone I typed up my packing list (2 pages for Audrey and myself.) Then I tossed and turned all night debating whether we should go or not. I would convince myself that the long car ride and being away from our cozy home and convenient schedule was CRAZY TALK, especially for an 18-month old. Then I'd turn around and decide that we should just go for it...the pictures of her in one of my most favorite places in the world would be reason enough to go. Not to mention the "wicked good food" (lobstah!) It took some heavy convincing from my dad and Scott, but I finally decided to go. I spent most of today packing and cleaning. We're stopping in NY to visit family tomorrow (and spending the night.) Then it's off to Maine for the rest of the week. I'm hoping for great weather.

Since I'll be gone for the next week, here are some super cute photos of Audrey Cate to tie everyone over:

She will be 19 months on Saturday and she is just so darn cute I could SQUUUEEEEEEZE her!!! Her new favorite word is "bubbles" and it melts our hearts every time she says it. She is uh-mazing at following directions ("Go get mama's shoes!" "Put that in your toy box!") She is absolutely fearless and kills with her smile. At Target an older couple refused to move to another check-out line just so they could talk to her. She's definitely a people-person. Her personality shines through more and more each day...when we dropped Zoe off at the groomer's she got all teary and upset (a quick trip to the bird aisle helped cheer her right up!) She's counting to 3, mimicking the ABCs, and will show you her teeth if you ask. She likes to tickle you to get your attention. She loves to dance so much that if there's no music she'll pick up some kind of noise making toy and shake it while she dances. Her current favorite song is "California Girls." She ONLY says "Mama" when she wants me to pick her up or if she's hurt/upset. I love everything about that girl (ok, EXCEPT her eating habits...I'm over it!) I look at her and feel like my heart could explode.

Ask me if I feel the same after our vacation :) Wish me luck!


NestEris said...

Stop in CT to see me!

caroline said...

I'm the same as you and would have debated going but have found it's always better to just take the's always worth it. Audrey will do great and you'll have lots of great memories from the trip. She's adorable and I can't wait to see her (and you guys) in August!

Alicea said...

She is just adorable and what a fun age!! It seems like it only gets better the more they grow, doesn't it?

Nick & Danielle & Mollie said...

What kind of camera do you use? Your pictures always turn out great! What program do you use to edit them in?