Friday, July 30, 2010


My mom's family is from Maine, which is where I was born. Every year we'd vacation there. My grandfather had a small camp on Norway Lake. Our living arrangements for those 2 weeks changed (ahem, progressed) throughout the years...tents, pop-up camper, massive RV. It was something we all looked forward to each summer. We lived in our bathing suits; my favorite things to do were lay out, read books, swim, take naps on the boat. It was the ultimate relaxing vacation. There is just nothing like Maine in the summer. Getting away from Virginia's heat and humidity was the half of it; it was so fun to go tubing, water skiing, eating out every night. Our neighbors at camp were a blast and my Grandpa hung up swings from the trees just for us. We loved playing in the A-frame, climbing the rocks, and we'd rush to the shore with our tubes and boogie boards when a boat sped by (wicked waves!) We'd visit our favorite places; Bailey's Island, Naples, Freeport, Portland. I always loved going to Maine and appreciated it more and more each year.

As we all got older and started working, we'd try to make it up there for at least one week. I'd fly up to meet my family and drive back with them, or vice-versa. It got more difficult to get everyone together but it always seemed to work out. Chris came with us one year and proposed to me on the lake and a few short years later I was 20 weeks pregnant, laying on the boat, feeling Audrey move for the first time.

Needles to say, Maine is incredibly special to me. I was so happy to share it with Audrey. Even though she's too young to remember any of it, she'll have so many pictures to look back on. And I'll definitely cherish our first mother-daughter trip. Photos to come soon!


Jenifer said...

Oh this was such a sweet post. Cannot wait to see pictures!

Lauren said...

So special! What a wonderful family tradition, and especially now that you have your family and can include child in it. I'm sure Maine will hold a special place in Audrey's heart too as she gets older!

And I'm still so jealous you were able to escape this heat! The weather looked gorgeous up there! I might have to check out Maine for our own future vacations! ;-)