Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our First Vacation (part one)

Our bags were packed and my dad quickly found out that there's no such thing as packing lightly when you're traveling with a toddler! I had my suitcase (with mine and Audrey's clothes), the stroller, the pack and play, Audrey's large tote, a small diaper bag (toiletries), and a small tote bag. Chris came along to see us off and help load up the car.

Good-bye hug!

Audrey was so good in the car. She read books, listened to music, napped, watched MMCH, and played with toys. We stopped in NY and stayed the night. We left early the next morning for Brunswick and the car ride, although longer, was very easy. As soon as we were unpacked we headed for Cook's, which is a popular restaurant right on the ocean. It was gorgeous so we snapped some pictures before dinner.

Rock climbing

First time seeing the ocean

Since it was so nice, we decided to eat on the deck

The lobster bib lasted a bout 2 seconds.

We were sitting right by the stairs. She greeted each and every person as they walked up. Everyone just loved her..,

...and she apparently loves herself! She kept turning around to see her reflection.

Pop and uncle Scott thought it was a wonderful idea to give her ice cream...

...which she loved...

...a little too much!

It was still light out when we left, so we headed for Bailey's Island. We go every year and love checking out the gift shop. But I spent more time taking pictures of Audrey than shopping (crazy, right?!)

Famous fisherman statue

This bird tried to take our stuff! The seagulls are not shy :)

Audrey had a hard time getting to sleep that night. It was probably because she's not used to sleeping right next to me in her PNP. But of course I told my dad it was because of all the sugar she'd had at dinner :)

Next up, lake pictures!


The Steens said...

I love all the pictures you take of Audrey!

Jenn said...

of course Audrey is beautiful, but you look so happy and pretty as well!