Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to the daily grind!

What a nice break this has been...hanging out with Audrey every day, getting things done around the house, even preparing a little here and there for Baby Burns. The only downside is that we've been under the weather for most of it...stuffiness, sore throats, headaches...and poor Audrey has an eye infection. It started in her right eye and has moved to her left. The pedi gave us an ointment and it seems to be clearing it up (hopefully in time for her birthday party on Saturday!)

The Christmas decorations are put away and it was the time we put them up again we'll have a 7 month old AND a 3 year old! I'm feeling great (22 weeks) but when I stand for too long or move around too much I have major pain in my lower back. Other than that pregnancy is awesome :)

We had some snow the day after Christmas. It's all gone now, but I'm really hoping for more soon, I can't get enough time with my girl!

All bundled up...her snowsuit from last year fits perfectly even though it's 12 months! Also, notice the Mickey & Minnie in her hands :)

Uncle Craig got her a sled for Christmas...she loves it so much! After I pull her through the yard she says, "Again?" LOL

I've enjoyed the break but I'm ready to get back into our routine and I can't wait to see my kids! Dance starts again- she's perfected her "princess turns" and "alligator kicks" over the break. I'm very curious to see if she actually does them in class :) We'll be busy this week preparing for her little party and getting back into a good routine. Happy New Year!

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Leanne said...

Hope your day back went well! We were back to the daily grind at our house, too! It was tough to hear the alarm go off at 5:00 this morning! I love Audrey's sled!