Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day :)

Perhaps Mother Nature reads my blog? The original storm that was supposed to bring snow turned into rain on Wednesday morning but then another storm appeared out of nowhere! We had a delay Wednesday morning but it started snowing later in the afternoon as we scrambled to dismiss the kids. By the time I left at 4:00 the roads were AWFUL...I drove white-knuckled to pick up Audrey, then drove way below the speed limit on the way home. I've never driven in such terrible conditions but luckily we made it home safely. I've been reading commuter nightmare stories on People up north had it so bad, I just can't believe some of the horror stories! You can read a few of them yourself here.

We ended up getting around 3-4 inches here. We had a wonderful day at home...I was more than happy be with Audrey. We went outside for a little bit and made a bunch of little snowballs. She didn't want to ride on her sled or even walk around. Oh, and she ate pears for the first time today....pretty big deal :)

Luckily our teacher workday is still on for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a full day of working in my classroom. Usually we're stuck going to meetings and professional development classes. I have a long list of things to do and I'm hoping to leave tomorrow with everything checked off!

Photo courtesy of Stacy Hart Photography

Edit 1/28/10: I got to work this morning as it began snowing, only to see fellow teachers slipping and falling! I was super careful & only ended up staying for about 30 minutes, until they canceled the workday (20 minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive!) Two custodians walked me back out to my car and luckily the drive back home was fine.

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Lauren said...

Glad you made it home safely! It must be nerve-wracking for you walking around in the icy conditions!