Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Break: Day 3....CMoR!

What a great day we had- just girls! Sarah and Bella came over this morning and we set off for the children's museum. The girls had so much fun...they played at the water table (and got soaked!), they liked the castle and pirate ship, and they rode the safari train. Audrey wasn't a huge fan of the train but at least she tried! They also painted beautiful pictures.

I was starting to feel a little weak and winded towards the end (low blood sugar) so we went to lunch at Longhorns. Lunch with two 2-year olds is very interesting! The girls were great (minus the random "Chicken Butt" they'd yell across the table at each other, LOL.) They were sooo funny in the car. Audrey would say some silly word and Bella would crack up. They were so entertaining :)

When we got home we took a nap and then Audrey helped me put together the new baby swing. She was an awesome helper! She kept all the screws together, brought me tools and was great company.

A week from tonight I *hopefully* go in for my induction. So hard to believe the end is near. I see my dr again tomorrow, possibly for the last time. I'm torn about whether to have him strip my membranes...I don't want to go into labor anytime soon, but if I do go in for an induction I'd like to be more dilated than 1-2! I'll probably chicken out and just wait. Anything can happen between now and May 4th :)


Devon said...

Strip strip strip!!!!!!! I think you should strip the membranes!

Isabellasmommy0109 said...

Didn't even make it! =) YAY for Baby Abby!!!