Thursday, June 2, 2011


Abigail lifted her head waaay up today! I'm so happy I caught it on camera:

She loves the sun, just like Audrey did!


Tummy time!


Oh, geesh :)


C and M said...

Too cute! My 2.5 yr old loves to sit in the bumbo too. OK, since our soon to be 6 month old has always hated it. Would love to know where you got the tutu from in Abby's 1 month photos. I love it!

caroline said...

Yay Abby!! Jacob would sit in the Bumbo seat, also.

Lauren said...

What lovely girls! You can really see the similarity between the two of them now that Abby is getting bigger. So cute!

Amy said...

Too cute! You got some great pictures. I love the one of Audrey kissing Abigail on the forehead in the Bumbo. :)

SB said...

The tutu is from Etsy! just do a search and you'll find tons :)

Jill said...

Such darling sister photos! :D