Friday, July 29, 2011

Abigail Mae is 3 months old!

She is such a little darling! I kiss her chubby cheeks all day. I love having all of this time with her and Audrey.

Abby is doing well. She's super alert and has discovered the tv. Whether she's in our bedroom or the living room, she always turns her head towards it and stares. I remember Audrey did the same thing. I wonder if she'll have the same reaction to Mickey Mouse that Audrey did?

When we put her on her tummy all she wants to do is chew on her hands. She can lift her head up but doesn't keep it there for very long. She hasn't attempted to roll over yet, but she does manage to scoot and rotate herself when she's on her back. She really likes her Bumbo and her (new) bouncer. She likes being able to see what we're all doing. She's very alert and super happy!

She smiles all the time, it's the sweetest thing. And she's started to laugh which is ADORABLE! I think she may be ticklish :) She's especially vocal when you talk to her. We have little conversations and she just smiles and coos the whole time. I can't wait to see if she'll be as talkative as her sister...if so, we're in trouble!

She's eating 5 oz every 3-4 hours. In the evening I've started feeding her every 2- 2.5 hours in hopes of helping her STTN. Usually she's up twice at night around 2:00 and 6:00. The last two nights she's only been up once at 5:00. I'm a little nervous about going back to work and having to get up for a 2-3 am the time I'm done feeding her, pumping, and falling back to sleep it'll be time to get up! She still naps in her bouncer or the swing during the day. She still gets swaddled at night and I'm wondering when we should stop? She doesn't try to roll over and seems perfectly content so I may hold off.
She's wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes. Since it's been so hot she usually just wears a onesie at home and a dress when we go out. Her hair is out of control and I'm really curious to see what's going to happen to it. It looks like it's falling out around the sides, but growing in the front and on top. It looks like a tidal wave of brown hair in the back, sticks straight up and curves over. I'm thinking that she'll be sporting lots of hats come fall and winter :)


I'm super excited about month 4. We get to take out the exersaucer and doorway jumper (I just hope she loves them as much as Audrey did!) We'll also be trying solid foods, too. Her 4 month appt is scheduled for Sept. 1. I'm a little sad that all of this will be happening as I go back to work. It's going to make the time FLY BY. With Audrey I was home for the summer and really got to enjoy the time when she was starting to do new things (5-8 months.) I loved that stage; sitting up, crawling, pulling up...Abigail will be doing it all before we know it!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! She's beautiful. You're so lucky.

Jenn said...

Im super curious because I know that we discussed this with our first girls, but can you email me more about your pumping. Just give me the breakdown of what you do and what you are eating. My supply was horrible the first time and I am hoping to catch that early this time. I just want everything to flow a little better and I want to breastfeed even if it is by bottle. Thanks for the help!

SB said...

just sent you an email Jenn!!

Shannon said...

Great pics, Abigail is so beautiful! I love the book your students made you- what a great keepsake!