Monday, July 11, 2011

Audrey and Chris have a game; one of them will call out, "1,2,3, TACKLE!" and tackle the other. This time Audrey kept saying, "I love you, Dad!" before she'd tackle him, lol.

Abby's hair is out of control! Since her last bath a few days ago the back of her hair has been sicking straight up! Drives me crazy, lol.

She loves looking at the ceiling fan in our room

We took out the water table over the weekend and Audrey loves it. I take her out after her nap since the front part of the house is shaded by then and it's a bit cooler if Abby joins us.

She likes to water the flowers in her "garden"

By this time next year Miss Abigail will get to join in the fun :)

I felt like Super Mom last night! Chris worked late so he wasn't around for dinner and the evening routine. When we came in from the water table I got Audrey settled with juice and toys (and Jake, of course) in the living room while I fed Abby. Then I made grilled cheese for Audrey while I got Abby's bath ready in the kitchen. When Audrey was done with dinner, she "helped" me give Abby a bath. Then she played in Abby's room while I finished getting Abby ready. It was too early for Abby's bedtime so I put her in the bouncer and she watched Audrey take her bath. By the time Audrey was done, Abby had fallen asleep. I got Audrey dressed and settled in my room with her milk and Jake (yes, Jake AGAIN.) Then I ate...Abby woke up after a short time (a little cranky) so she got swaddled and fed again. Then I put her in the swing while Audrey and I read books and danced in her room. Chris came home at that time and even though the evening went so smoothly I was so happy to see him!

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