Friday, July 8, 2011


Listening: whatever Audrey will let me listen to in the car...cause she's a radio nazi.

Eating: everyday my lunch consists of elbow macaroni with butter and shredded cheese. It's very delicious.

Drinking: vodka and cranberry...Chris makes it for me almost every night!

Wearing: sports bras and anything stretchy

Feeling: very thankful...for my husband, my girls, my summer

Weather: it's been rainy the past few days and I love it! It makes me not feel bad that we're not outside and it's just so nice and cozy in my house!

Wanting: a haircut.

Needing: a haircut.

Thinking: i should get to bed before my very adorable 2 am wake up call

Enjoying: summertime and losing track of the days :)

Post idea taken from my wonderful SIL :)

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