Wednesday, August 24, 2011


If you live on the east coast, you know what I'm talking about! I had been at school with Abigail in the morning, then met my mom and Scott for lunch. Afterwards I put Abigail in the stroller and we went to Target. As I was looking at the sleep sacks, I heard a loud rumbling and felt the ground shake. Everything was moving! I knew right away it was an earthquake and my first instinct was to get in a doorway...but of course there were none! So I stood beside the stroller, covering Abigail with my arms as I ran towards the front exit (looking up as I did so!) As I was running I saw things falling off the shelves and people running for the exit as well. It seemed to last for such a loooong time! Once we were out (and far away from the building) I tried calling my in-laws (who had Audrey) and Christopher and my parents but my phone wouldn't work. I was pretty shaky but luckily Abigail was happy as usual. All I could think about was the possibility of aftershocks...with an earthquake that big I knew they were inevitable and there was no way I was going back into that building! Turns out we had a few later that night- the one at 8:00 was a 4.2, just as the girls were falling asleep. Didn't bother them at all. Our house is pretty close to Mineral (the epicenter) but we came home to find everything perfectly in tact.

Audrey had been outside playing. She was actually walking towards the house to go inside when it hit. I wish I could've seen her reaction! It seems like there was no major damage and everyone is safe. It was a pretty helpless feeling...I need to read up on what our earthquake procedure is at school. We have tornado drills and fire drills but not earthquake drills!


I'd love to hear your stories! I especially love this article about how the animals at the National Zoo reacted before the quake hit. Incredible!


Amy said...

So glad you all are safe! I was thinking about all of you east coast bloggers yesterday when I was reading about the quake.

lena said...

Glad you were all okay, I think the animals were the only ones who saw that coming!

Jenn said...

We totally felt it here in South Carolina! The strangest feeling ever. The funny thing is, we were joking that it was an earthquake, not knowing that it really was. Wow, just an odd feeling! Glad you guys are all safe and sound.

Leanne said...

I'm glad you all are safe! I didn't personally feel the earthquake, but lots of people in our city did. We live within the area of the New Madrid fault line and back in 2008 we experienced an earthquake while I was pregnant with Lucas. We were living at my parents house (in their basement) while we were building our house.

I just went back and reread the post from that day and it made me cry a little!