Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a difference a year makes!

Exactly one year ago we found out we were pregnant with Baby Burns #2. My memory is just awful (which is why I keep this blog) but I will never forget the days I found out I was pregnant with both girls. Audrey and I had been to the mall, then Target. I picked up a test, not quite sure if I was even late. I figured I'd use a test that afternoon and then I'd have another on hand for the future. Chris saw the test when he was unloading the groceries and rushed me to take it once Audrey had gone down for her nap. He was getting in the shower to leave for a bachelor party later that night. I saw 2 lines right away...I really wanted to lie and tell him it was negative but I couldn't hide my SHOCK. I kept saying, "Oh my God, oh my GOD." Chris was great...totally excited and surprised as well. We were so bummed that he had to leave so soon after we found out, but in a way it was kind of nice to be alone and digest the news.

With Audrey I was 90% excited and 10% nervous/scared. With Abigail it was very different! I was 50/50. Very happy but very, very anxious! How would I handle two kids? The long nights, feeding every 2 hours, the crying...ugh! And how would it be possible to love another child as much as I loved my first?

Now here we are a year later. Abigail is just a few days shy of 4 months. I was anxious for nothing! This has been such a great experience. There have definitely been frustrating times but they are so miniscule compared to everything else. We were blessed with a true angel baby. It's as if she were always meant to be here with us. I love her with every bit of my heart. Audrey had no problems adjusting, which was my biggest fear, one of my very first thoughts after seeing those two lines.

I know a lot of you ladies are pregnant with #2 right now and are having the exact same thoughts and feelings that I did a year ago. I wanted to let you know that everything will be GREAT!

It's been a whirlwind year and I'm thankful for every moment.


Lauren said...

I love the juxtaposition of their outfits in the second picture. Abby looks ready for the party while Audrey must still be deciding what she wants to wear to it. ;-)

SB said...

Poor Audrey, she's been half naked all summer!

Ava said...

I am going to be in a similar situation as you very soon. My daughter will be 26 months when my new baby is born. I plan to exclusively pump since that is what I did the first time. How do you find time to pump, feed, and take care of both girls? Also, have you considered a double stroller or is your single working out?

SB said...

Ava- There were a few things I did to help pumping easier. First, I made sure that Audrey was settled (juice, snack, preoccupied with toys or TV.) I set up the pump in the living room where I could always have an eye on her. I pumped right after Abigail had been fed, then I'd put her in the bouncer right next to me. I used a hands-free bra (lifesaver!) and set the timer for 20-30 minutes. Honestly, the only hard part was forcing myself to pump every 3 hours, round the clock.
We did get a double stroller:

It's a lifesaver! Audrey still likes sitting in it, so it was worth it.

caroline said...

Oh my Gosh...I LOVE Abby's outfit! I miss those girls (and you guys, too!)