Thursday, December 29, 2011

Abigail is 8 months old!

Ok, this month flew by! Between preparing for Audrey's birthday parties and Christmas, Abigail turning 8 months was here before we knew it.

Abigail did great with food this month. Actually, I started giving her more and more of whatever we were beans, corn, carrots, spaghetti. I'm upping her to 3 solid meals a day and keeping her at 3 bottles. She wakes and has her morning bottle and then an hour later she has cereal. I started mixing fruit into it for a little more flavor and variety. When she wakes from her morning nap she has lunch (usually any leftovers from dinner. Today she had macaroni and cheese!) She has a bottle before her afternoon nap. She eats dinner with us (whatever we're having [plus cereal with a veggie sometimes mixed in), then has her bottle before bed.

She's still on a great eating/napping/playing schedule. She can be clingy sometimes. She definitely lets us know when she wants us. If I'm playing with her on the floor she will turn and basically throw herself on me and whine until I pick her up. She is thisfreakingclose to crawling. She can get on her hands and knees, but doesn't stay up very long. She army crawls and scoots herself forward though and she's pretty quick! Think inch worm :) She wants to pull up but I think that's a ways away. She can't get herself to a sitting position just yet. She LOVES her stuffed Mickey Mouse and he sleeps with her in the crib.

She's still teething but I still only see 3 bottom teeth. She sleeps beautifully...usually we put her down wide awake and she puts herself to sleep no problems (she's had her moments though!) She absolutely loves her baths. She really loves her big sister! Any time Audrey pays her any attention, she soaks it up!

She has the biggest, brightest smile and you can't help but smile back when you see her face light up! We adore her so very much.

I was getting out her monthly onesie sticker and I noticed that there is only 1 sheet left for months 9-12. Ugh- this is going by way too fast! I'm already thinking about her 1st birthday party! I'm so excited to see her next milestones...sitting herself up, crawling, pulling up. She's going to be doing all of those things before we know it!

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Lauren said...

That first picture of Abby is just gorgeous!