Saturday, December 24, 2011

Audrey is THREE!

Our sweet Audrey Cate is 3 years old. It’s so hard to believe…it’s so hard to remember what life was like before her. Three years doesn’t sound like a long time, but my goodness! I look at her and I’m amazed. I am beyond grateful that she’s healthy, happy, and free-spirited. She completely lights up our lives and gives us purpose.

This was a huge year! She went from diapers to panties. She went from short, very simple phrases and babbling to full-on (run-on) sentences. She gave up the paci (whoa!) She became a big sister! She became more assertive but also learned boundaries. One thing I learned about Miss Audrey- she will do things when she’s good and ready. It’s like a switch- one day she’ll be kind of unsure and reluctant…the next day she’s a pro.

Audrey, one day you will be reading this. And I want you to know that we are so very much in love with you! We have high expectations of you. We love you unconditionally and with all that we have.

Some things to remember from this past year:

Your favorite phrases/sayings: “No, you don’t say those words to me!” Actually, that didn’t last very long because you learned real quick that you don’t talk to us like that…so really, you don’t say those words to us ☺ You can be very dramatic when you talk…you love superlatives: “I am so very tired,” and “This is the best _____ ever!!” You definitely mimic what you’ve heard us say…“I almost forgot!” “Wait a second!” “What the HECK?!” And somehow you’ve gotten it in your head that “4 minutes” buys you a lot of time: “I go to bed in 4 minutes, I play for 4 minutes.” You randomly tell us that you love us "SO MUCH!"

You are so positive. You're always telling us that you're going to have a good day. And then, at the end of the day you tell us that you did in fact have a great day :) We can usually get a smile back on your face when you become frustrated or sad or upset and I really love that about you- I hope you always try to see the bright side of things, hold your head up high with confidence and not let others get you down.

Sometimes you drive us crazy at bedtime. And lately in the middle of the night. You almost always ask for a second cup of warm milk. And sometimes you just want us to love on you. When I ask you what you need you say, "You." Heart melts each time :) Lately you’ve been asking me to rock you, “like you rock Abby.” And of course I do. I will rock you when you are 3, 12, 30…I cherish those few minutes when we sit in silence and I just breathe you in. I adore you!

I can’t believe how well you’ve adjusted to having Abigail. You are very protective when someone is holding her. You like to get in her face and “baby talk.” You sing her a special little song that cracks her up. It’s so funny to watch! You’re well on your way to becoming best buds.

I could look at your sweet face forever. I wish I could keep you at this age forever!!! But I know there is so much to look forward to…before we know it, you’ll be riding to school with me as a Kindergator. For a while now, every time we passed UMW I would tell you, “That’s where you’re going to college!” And now you say, “I want to go there!” I just can’t imagine a time when you’ll leave me…luckily we’re far from that- but for serious, please don’t ever leave me ;)

We’re coming up on a challenging age; I promise to be as patient as possible as you test limits and continue to form your little personality. You’ve only been with us for 3 years but I feel like we’ve loved you forever. Thank you for lighting up our lives and bringing us so much joy each and everyday since you were born. We love you more than words could ever say!

Happy Birthday, sweet Audrey Cate.

Trying so hard to hold up 3 fingers...


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Lauren said...

Beautiful, Sheri! She's a darling little girl who I am sure is going to always be a bright spot in the world. You guys are doing a great job.