Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa's Visit

Grandma and Grandpa had Santa and Mrs. Claus over! How great are they?! No mall line= one happy momma :)

Audrey was so excited the entire week. She kept telling us that she was going to tell Santa that she wants the Lala Loopsy tree house and school bus. When Santa arrived she didn't even wait for him to get settled, she started telling him right away!

I love how Abby is looking at him!

Mrs. Claus read The Night Before Christmas to the kids.

Abby wanted to pull up so badly!

Each kid got a present from Santa! Audrey got a big princess coloring book.

Abby got an elephant shape sorter.

Audrey took over unwrapping Abby's gift, and Abby was happy chewing on the wrapping paper :)

All the kids had a great time. I'm so happy my in-law's did this. Awesome memories for sure!

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Leanne@lifehappenswhen said...

How awesome is that!?! Lucas got to sit on Santa's lap at my husband's work function which was nice because there weren't long lines, either! Too fun!