Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hello, October! Goodbye, October!

This is my first post of the month?! It's been super busy around here :) Our days fly by so fast...

Abigail will be 18 months on Sunday (WHAT!?) She's delicious. That's all I'm going to say about her for now, until her 18 month post :)

Sundays are my favorite. I love lazy mornings with the girls. I get up (usually before 5 am) so I can have a couple of quiet hours to my self (and occasionally get school work done!) I love starting my days like this. Of course by 9:00 pm I'm pretty tired, but it's a good trade off.

Chris taught Abigail how to tackle :)

The girls continue to get along better and better. I love watching them play together (even if they are rough housing!) And it totally melts my heart to watch them hug and kiss each other.

I don't take these girls for granted. I tell them 100x a day how amazing they are and how much they are loved. They brighten our world :)

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