Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Great Audrey Cate

She's so lovely!

So much is happening with her, I had to write about it. She'll be FOUR in just 2 short months...unreal!

She loves school. Most of the time. There are days where she says she just wants to stay home and play/sleep all day (me too, sister!) She gets up & ready with no problems. She is very much a morning person, so happy!

I love bringing her with me to school. She is my little shadow there. The ladies in the office have nicknamed her Sunshine. She comes with me to make copies and run errands but sometimes she sits on the front benches in the lobby and just chats with the teachers and staff. She gets so excited to give Mrs. Hiles a hug! And just the other day she had a couple of teachers doing ballet with her in the hall, lol. Every time she hears the preschool door chime, she runs to see her teacher (even if it's 5 times before 8:30!) She's pretty good at keeping herself busy as I work in my room, but if I'm not careful I end up with drawings (usually of happy face people) on my anchor charts (which my kids think is hilarious!) "Here are the strategies we used to solve this subtraction word problem...and here is Audrey's strategy...a rainbow."

She loves my kids and they love her right back. They've made her jewelry and colored her pictures and read to her. One of my boys from last year has a little sister in kindergarten. She comes by everyday and stays to chat & color with Audrey (those conversations are hilarious to listen to!) Audrey even helps pass back agendas to my kids as I check them :) The other day she told me that I earned a Gotcha for taking such good care of my kids, lol.

Her teacher or para comes to get her and usually brings one of her friends from class. Audrey puts on her backpack and says, "Goodbye, friends!" I miss her immediately. Her teachers say great things about her and I'm very happy to know that she's a good peer model. Although, she's had to go to the "Manner Mat" a couple of times for not paying attention. She now wants a Manner Mat at home- for Abby.

When I see her in school my heart just soars. I want to run up and smother her with kisses. I love watching her walk in the hallway in their little line. I got to see her graph her favorite leaf in the hallway. Sometimes she'll be on the playground during my planning time and if I see her through the window, I knock and she comes running and yelling, "MOMMMMMY!!!!!" And if I time it just right, we're outside for recess as my Dad is picking her up. I always go grab a hug and kiss before they go. Little things like that make my day!

Putting her in preschool has definitely been one of the best decisions. Her teachers are so fantastic and the activities they do are pretty amazing. I think her academic career is off to a great start :)

She loves going to Pop-Pop's house. Any why wouldn't she? He takes her to Starbucks, to get mani/pedis, to the barn, to Costco (where she always ends up getting a toy..heh heh, sucker!) She especially loves seeing her Uncle Scott (they play catch) and every morning she points out his high school as we drive by. I am very thankful that my Dad is willing and able to care for her every day. How great for the both of them!

Audrey is as enthusiastic and happy as ever. She is constantly singing and dancing and making people smile. The other day we were in the checkout line at Target. The woman behind us said to me, "Just look around. Do you see how many people are smiling because of your little girls?" That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to us! And it's true...they are hilarious! Shopping with them is never dull. They are very well behaved...but sometimes loud, lol.

Audrey is becoming more aware of everything. She's memorized all of our driving routes and will make comments like, "This is the way to Grandma's house!" when we're not really going to Grandma's house, just taking the back route. Or, "This isn't the right way, where are we going?" She reprimands us BIG TIME when we say not-so-nice words (when did "Damn" become bad?!) She's quick to tell Abigail right from wrong, although sometimes she's an accomplice ;)

She's so full of love. The words that come out of her mouth just melt me! I know she gets that from me...I tell her straight up how happy she makes us and how she's the best thing we ever did. That her and Abigail are so treasured and the most important people in our world. She just beams at me and gives it right back. I hope she is always a sweet and kind-hearted girl.

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