Thursday, September 5, 2013

36 weeks & unemployed

The end is near! I'm getting more and more excited about meeting this baby. My feet swell on the daily, my ribs are killing me, and I swear the baby's head just swivels and grinds down on my cervix. I do love being pregnant, though, and I will SO miss feeling this baby try to punch its way out, lol.

The past two weeks have been surreal. I keep thinking about what I'd be doing at work. For example, last Thursday afternoon I was putting on the crib bumper and at the same time I was thinking about how I'd be dashing around my classroom like a mad woman trying to get everything ready for Open House. It's just really bittersweet. On Tuesday, instead of having that first Morning Meeting with my new kids on the first day of school, I sat at my doctor's office, my feet in stirrups for my first exam. Audrey ended up joining me for the day and as we sat outside at Panera enjoying the gorgeous weather, I felt really, really happy. I've basically been blessed with the gift of time!

Staying home really has been the best decision. It would be so difficult at this stage in my pregnancy to be energetic and motivated and focused. I'm not sleeping that well and I'm just physically limited. I am really excited to spend so much time with this last baby. With Audrey I went back to work after 12 weeks, worked for 3 months, then had the summer. With Abigail I went back after 6 weeks, worked 2 weeks, then had the summer (that summer flew by!) This baby will be almost a year old by the time I go back next year!!

I had two appointments on Tuesday; my regular with Dr K for the BPP and NST (baby did GREAT!) And then my monthly appointment with the peri. Since they were on the same day, the peri just measured the baby and we got some cool pictures of that sweet face!

This one reminds me of Abby, the way he/she has his/her eyes narrowed. It's her scowling and concentrating face.

This one and the next remind me of Audrey's newborn pics

I see a lot of resemblance between the girls and this baby...big chubby cheeks and the eyes and round nose. The baby weighs about 6 lbs 2 oz, which is right on track. I am a little worried that he/she will come out swollen like Audrey was. My insulin hasn't had to be increased lately, so I'm hoping to keep the diabetes under good control for these last few weeks.

Not much to do now except sit around and wait for things to get all crazy up in here!

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