Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of Preschool!

No one was more excited than Audrey! And thank goodness...I don't know what I'd do if she were a clingy hot mess. She was up early and playing in her room when I walked in at 6:30- very normal for her. But then I noticed she was completely dressed in the outfit I'd laid out for her, lol. I can't help but love her enthusiasm! The girls played together, ate breakfast, and we read some books before we took pictures and left.

I wanted to walk to school, but her backpack was pretty full and we had an extra bag of supplies, so we drove. We walked in together and she put her backpack away in her cubby. Then she gave me and Abby hugs and kisses, then walked right into her classroom! Abby was a little confused, lol. I let her play on the playground before we left. She kept asking, "Where Audrey go? Why Audrey not in her chair?" But once we got back home she was fine :)

Abby and I did walk to pick Audrey up (after the longest 3 hours EVER!! And quietest, haha!) Audrey was so happy to see us, she gave Abby a big hug and kiss right away. She even forgot to get her backpack and give her teacher a hug good-bye! After we left, we played on the playground for a few minutes, then it was non-stop chatter all the way home about her new friends, what she did, and how she got TWO stars for being helpful and having good manners :)

She said some funny things; "Thanks for walking to pick me need the exercise!" I said, "Why do I need exercise?" and said, "Because it will help the baby come out!" When I asked her if she wanted to go back to school on Friday, she said yes. I said, "But can't I keep you home with me all day, every day?" She said, "But I have to learn stuff!" The way she said it was hilarious, like she was trying to let me down easy, lol. I was a little ambitious about our walk because when we got home I was not feeling so great! Luckily Audrey had quiet time and Abby took a nap. I rested for awhile while Baby Burns went crazy in my belly. I swear I'm waiting for my water to break at any feels like one big baby movement could set it off!

This was Audrey's picture exactly one year ago:

I am so proud of this sweet girl and I just know she's going to make the best of this school year!

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