Friday, May 2, 2014

Anne Elizabeth is 7 months old!

She was watching Audrey in the doorway :)

This was a couple days before she got into the crawling position for the first time. I took this picture and immedicately said, "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" LOL

Her blue eyes are amazing!

I wish I could give birth to a 7 month old. Seriously. This is definitely my "happy" age! I wish I could freeze her at this very moment in time.

Christopher calls her our "Bonus Baby." Annie is just so sweet...a precious, beautiful, lovely little angel. Her smile is so incredible, it lights up the room. Her laugh is the best! Chris thinks she is our happiest baby. He swears that she shows more excitement for him than the older girls did at this age, lol. She definitely loves her Dad SO much!

She has a very good routine:

wakes for the day between 6-7 am
bottle of milk, playtime for about 2 hours
nap (45 mins- 2hrs)
solid meal for breakfast, play, bottle
mid-day nap
bottle, play, bottle
final nap
solid meal for dinner, bath, play, bedtime bottle
bed between 7-8

*still wakes twice at some point during the night to eat.

It's so nice with Annie being on a schedule. Having 3 kids is not as scary as I thought. We definitely have our rough times, but mostly it's just controlled chaos (which years of teaching have helped me to embrace and manage!!) I really only get stressed when the older girls are arguing. Every once in awhile Chris brings one of them to Grandma's house for the day. And there have been a couple of times where both Audrey and Abigail have gone together, and it's just me and Annie...oh my goodness! I feel guilty with how much I LOVE that time. Having one kid is so easy! SO EASY.

That face! It gets ALLTHEKISSES!!

She's eating a few different foods: bananas, avocado, mango, oatmeal, yogurt, Mums, toast. I've been giving her stage 2 & 3 baby food. I want her to enjoy different flavors, but for the most part I give her real food so that she doesn't have a hard time transitioning like Audrey did. Audrey still has the worst time with new foods and texture :( Live and learn. We're definitely taking the middle road with Anne. I don't think I bought a single jar of baby food with Abigail! Miss Anne is getting a nice variety.

I love all the fun things she can do now! Regular bath, play with more toys, sit in a big girl high chair and enjoy the swing at the playground! She's sooo squirmy though! Changing her diaper is nearly impossible; she doesn't like to be on her back, so she'll flip over in nanosecond!

She's sitting up on her own! She went from being super wobbly to sitting perfectly within two days! I adore the look on her face as she sits and wiggles, trying to keep her balance. She has such an amused look of wonder, lol. Again, I love this stage because sitting independently is just awesome! She turned 7 months exactly one week ago...since that time she has gotten up on all fours and rocks back and forth. I am so shocked! I thought I had a good two months before that happened :(

Sleep has been really inconsistent this month! Sometimes she'll wake between 10-12, then 2-4. Other times she'll go until 1-2, then up for the day at 6:00. A couple if times she slept until 3-4, then was up for the day at normal time. It's so weird. She falls asleep perfectly on her own for bedtime, naps, and after her night feedings. When she does a really long stretch, she's more awake and vocal so it takes a lot longer for her to fall back to sleep, maybe 20 minutes max. I wish she'd start sleeping straight through, but in a way I'm cherishing the alone time with her (must be a benefit of being the last baby!) When I walk her back to bed, she lets me cradle her. I bring her super close and just breathe her in and kiss her. She gives me the sweetest, most content smiles. God I will miss that.

I wanted her to either smile really big or cry, lol. She was just kind of bewildered!

This is one of the things I will miss. She was SO tired that she fell asleep during her bedtime bottle. I never get to hold her as she sleeps anymore :(

Abigail is an amazing big sister. Annie is so lucky!

I see such a resemblance to her older sisters. At this age she is bigger than Audrey was and has more hair (darker, too!) She is smaller than Abigail was with a lot less hair (obviously, lol.) But they all have the same sweet baby face!

Audrey at 7 months:

Abigail at 7 months:

This is such a fun time for our family. The older girls are so smitten with their baby sister. She lights up when they're around and I can tell that she loves watching them. I am excited to see their relationship develop..I LOVE having girls!!

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