Saturday, May 24, 2014

I love SUMMER (more than Olaf!)

Summer is such a special time for me. A lot of that has to do with being off from school. It feels like I go from 1,000 miles per hour from September through June...then all of a sudden the chaos stops. It's SO nice.

I wanted to stop and take a few minutes to write down all the things I'm loving about this time of year.

Audrey is getting ready to graduate from preschool. She's had an incredible year. Not only has she learned a lot, but she made some great friends and her teachers are were fantastic- there's no question that they adored her and enjoyed having her this year. We were definitely blessed that she was able to go to school at all this year, bonus that it was so close to home!

Now we're down to the last week of school. I get her all to myself this summer, but I'm a little sad that it's her last summer before Kindergarten. I'm going to miss her so much when she's in a classroom 5 days a week, 6 hours a day. I thought I'd be overjoyed when she started school because she'd be coming to work with me every day...but now I'm starting to feel a bit depressed, lol. I remember my first summer with her- she turned 6 months old and did so many cool things in those 3 months (sitting, eating, teething, crawling, pulling up.) This summer is going to be so bittersweet...

Abigail just turned 3, so she'll get to go to preschool in the Fall! I can't wait, lol. I am not so much concerned with the academic aspect. I love preschool for the social opportunities. I simply am excited for her to have experiences outside of our home, and for her to tell us ALLLLL about them :) I know she's going to do extremely well. This summer will be full of excitement for her! She's so smart and inquisitive...I love this age and I'm so impressed by her every day- the connections she makes, her ways of thinking and the questions she asks and the observations she makes. She's really maturing from those "Terrible Twos" and she's such a blast!

What can I say about Annie? Having so much time with her has been an incredible blessing and it's coming to an end. I'm just going to continue cherishing every moment with her. Soon enough she'll have a few more people to love and dote on her, but for now she's all mine. I'll let Dad borrow her every once in awhile ;)

Mother's Day dinner (a few days late!)

There's a lot to look forward to this summer...and I'm going to soak up every minute!

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