Sunday, November 22, 2015

Abigail Mae is 4 1/2!

My word. I might be a little obsessed with this one :)

Abigail is just fascinating to me. I just want to shrink myself and be carried around in her pocket for a day, lol. I can't even put my finger on it. I just love to watch her talk, think, interact, and play. I seriously cannot get enough of her!

She is so smart. She knows how to get what she wants, but she also knows when to back down. She is passionate and loves fiercely. She has attitude and sass and can be unpredictable.

She has matured so much. Last school year she would cry when I left her at home. Now she just asks that I wake her up before I go so she can give me a hug and kiss :) HOWEVER, she has just recently reverted back to being sad....see? Unpredictable!

She's still a terrible listener. Completely selective. You can call her name 10 times and she won't acknowledge you until she wants to. Even when you *think* you have her attention, she'll say something completely unrelated to whatever you were just talking about. So frustrating, yet so funny (sometimes.)

She's become so good at drawing. I think she's learned a lot of technique from Audrey, but she definitely has her own flair. She really likes to write. She can spell her name and simple words like mom, dad, love. She likes to play with her princess toys, Minnie clip on set, and dolls. She loves to read, especially her e-readers and Violet read to me books.

She enjoys playing outside and taking baths. She is early to bed and early to rise. She can be very particular when it comes to routine, just like her momma. She really loves school and is excited to go every day. I seriously cannot wait until she's in kindergarten with me and Audrey next year.

She calls Audrey, "Audge." How cute is that?? I die every time she says it, lol. They spend hours together in her room playing. They are best buds. She is just the BEST big sister to Anne. It's one of my most favorite things about her.

Abigail has our hearts and we love her more than words could ever say.

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Caroline said...

She looks so like you! What a lovely post