Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 17: PSD and Front Door Debacle

Early in the week they painted our front door. Yeah, it didn't come out the way we expected.

On Thursday I left school early with Audrey and we met Chris and our project manager at the house. I was hoping the door would look better in person. It did not.

Chris sought some other opinions and Miss Melanie came up with a much more muted color. Fingers crossed! It needs to look good on the exterior and interior, because we really wanted that pop of color in the entryway. Grandpa is coming to paint everyday next week except Thursday :) I'm glad it will ALL be done before we close on the house!

Other than that, the walk through was awesome! So glad I didn't skip it. But I really didn't want to leave. It was sooo hard to leave :(

We're adding more sod, plants got put in yesterday (Chris took pics on his camera and it all looks lovely), and it has to be painted. I finally got around to ordering curtain rods. We close NEXT Monday and then the fun of moving begins!!! All this week I'd say to the girls, "This is our last school Wednesday in this house!" or "This is our last Friday on 95!" I packed most of my clothes last weekend after I figured with Jeans Week and my days off I only need 5 school outfits. I'm so giddy right now.

We only have school 2 days next week, so I probably won't go to the house again until we move. Chris, on the other hand, will probably go every single day and send me pics :) Actually, he's lucky to have off Wed-Fri so we'll be getting a tons of packing done. We can't wait!!

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